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Posi Lock PM4L 3 Jaw 50 Ton Manual Puller Set

Posi Lock PM4L 3 Jaw 50 Ton Manual Puller Set
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Posi Lock PM4L 3 Jaw 50 Ton Manual Puller Set

  • Four-piece manual puller set for extraction of most shaft-fitted parts, including bearings, wheels, bushings, gears, and pulleys
  • Two three-jaw pullers and two two-jaw pullers to meet the requirements of varied applications
  • Forged steel jaws for increased strength over investment casting
  • Pulling capacities from 6 to 20 tons
  • Comes with four tip protectors and a tool board for convenient storage

Posi Lock Model PM4

Manual Puller Set 6 to 20 Ton Capacity

The Posi Lock line of manual gear and bearing pullers set the standard for quickness, ease and convenience. With Posi Lock, it's strictly a one-person operation. The T-handle and Cage control the jaws at all times. This means the opening and closing, locking and aligning of the jaws are all done automatically by simply turning the T-handle.


Set Includes:

  • Model 106 Puller
  • Model 206 Puller
  • Model 110 Puller
  • Model 210 Puller
  • (2) P6 Tip Protectors
  • (2) P10 Tip Protectors
  • Tool Board & Hooks
  • Tool Board Size: 16 x 26 in. (406 x 660 mm)/Weight: 50 lbs (22.7 kg)


  • Cage guides jaws for fast setup, solid contact and superior safety.
  • T-handle locks jaws precisely where you set them.
  • Center bolt threads are designed for less effort when apply torque.
  • Slim tapered jaws allow for easier gripping and better access to tight spots
  • Nut recessed to avoid mushrooming and disfiguring from impact.
  • Heat treated/hardened tip.
  • Leverage up front for vise-like power and no slippage.
Choosing A Manual Puller

The center bolt diameter must be at least one-half (1/2) as large as the diameter of the shaft from which the object will be removed.