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3/4 RapidAir Shop Air Piping System

3/4 RapidAir Shop Air Piping System
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What's Included

  • (3) Outlet kits
  • (2) Tees
  • (1) 3/4in. tubing x 3/4in. male fitting
  • (20) Mounting clips
  • (1) Cutter and deburr tool
  • 100 feet of 3/4in. HDPE/aluminum tubing
  • The RapidAir 3/4in. MaxLine compressed air piping system is designed for high-demand air tool users and longer air line runs in large buildings. It features high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tubing with an aluminum core to maintain any hand-bent shape for easy wall installation. 175 PSI operating pressure at 70°F; 140 PSI at 140°F


    Professional Air System For Your Workshop


    Easy Installation

    The RapidAir 3/4in. MaxLine compressed air piping system allows you to design and install your own personalized air system any way you want. MaxLine uses a double O-ring compression system that is virtually leakproof. The aluminum core allows the tubing to be bent by hand and shaped around corners or in awkward spaces without losing its shape. MaxLine can be mounted on the surface of a wall or behind the wall. It can also be buried underground or in concrete. No expensive tools are required.

    Ultimate Flexibility

    You can purchase additional fittings to customize your RapidAir MaxLine installation, based on your space and compressed air requirements. It is easy to add and change air drops as needed, since the fitting compression system can be easily disassembled and reused. The system is rated for up to 170 PSI at 70°F and 140 PSI at 140°F, which is well within the working range of most air tools. The RapidAir MaxLine Master Kit is an ideal solution for garages, workshops, barns or industrial buildings less than 4000 square feet, serving several air users.