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NEW Wire Tight Barbed Wire Tightner By Radiator Genie

NEW Wire Tight Barbed Wire Tightner By Radiator Genie
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Wire Tight Fence Wire Tightner By Radiator Genie

Brand New To The Market


    • Tightens barbed wire fast and easy
    • User after splice or on loose wire
    • Will not break old wire
    • Takes up to 6" slack with each bite

Fence Tightener

- The Wire tight fence tightener is small and light which makes it easy to use and carry. It takes up to 6 inches of loose fence with each bite and will not break old wire.
- The Wire Tight is 17-in. long, it weighs in at only 3 pounds.
- The operator spreads the 2 halves apart so the 2 sets of teeth form a "jaw" over the wire. He pushes the top half of the tool down through the bottom half to bend, not crimp or kink the wire so later breaks are avoided. It works fast - you can tighten a fence line in minutes.