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Tool Tuff 12 Volt Double Acting Hydraulic Power Unit Pump TTHYPUAAT4

Tool Tuff 12 Volt Double Acting Hydraulic Power Unit Pump TTHYPUAAT4
Product Code: TTHYPUAAT4
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Tool Tuff 12 Volt Double Acting Hydraulic Power Unit Pump

                              Model # TTHYPUAAT4

Tool-Tuff Double-Acting 12 Volt DC Electro Hydraulic Power Unit w/Remote, For Dump Trailer, DIY Hydraulic, Farm, Construction,etc!

Double Acting Power Unit

Equipped with a high pressure gear pump, a DC motor, a multi-functional manifold, valves and tank, this power unit has a power up - Power down circuit. Start the motor to lift the machine. Control raise and lower with cable controller It is widely used in tipper trailer, fork lift and scissor lift applications where the ability to apply hydraulic fluid pressure to both working ports of a cylinder is necessary.  (instead of a "gravity down" system where the weight of the machine attached to the cylinder is enough to gravity feed down). There are unlimited uses for this product. 


  • Tank: Steel, 3 liters
  • All ports are #6 SAE O-ring boss
  • Motor: 2.0 hp, 12v, 2600 rpm, S3 Duty
  • Max Pressure = 2900 psi (20Mpa)
  • Gear Pump: .128 Cu In/rev
  • System Relief valve: 2500 PSI
  • Solenoid Release Valve: 12VDC, NC
  • These units are high quality and are used in many OEM applications. We have direct factory support for any questions or parts.
  • Remote: 2 Button, 3 lines, 10 feet-1/2
  • Trouble shooting guide available upon request.
  • All spare parts available


Hydraulic Fluid:

ISO viscosity grades 22 to 46 are recommended. Anti wear, antifoaming & rust inhibitor additives are recommended.

For colder climates ATF can be used

In extreme cases Mil-5606 fluid can be used

Do not use synthetic, biodegradable or water base hydraulic fluids. In most cases these fluids are not compatible with Buna O-rings. Please check fluid compatibility before use.

Tractor hydraulic fluid is not recommended. Most tractor hydraulic fluid has to high of a viscosity & may not be compatible with Buna O-rings.